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Kedi Glass-Ceramic Industry Co., Ltd, Guangdong was founded in 2004. It is a national high-tech manufacture that develops, produces and sells lithium aluminum silicon series of heat-resistant and low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion )  glass-ceramics.  The headquarter, Kedi Industrial Park, is located at the exit of Chiwei highway in Puning City, Guangdong Province. The registration capital is RMB 10,000,000. The existing factory occupies 214,000 sqm, including 120,000 sqm workshop, and with 480 employees. There are 3 regenerative glass melting furnaces, 6 two-step crystallization production lines and 1 hot bending crystallization production line in the factory. The area of our annual production of glass ceramic panel reaches more than 3,600,000 sqm.


The products, including porcelain white glass ceramics, transparent glass ceramics, black glass ceramics, glass ceramics tray, glass ceramics concave disc, are applicable to appliances, such as portable induction cooker, radiant induction cooker, microwave, oven, light wave oven, gas stove, cooker, physiotherapy instrument, fireplace observation window and other appliances. Kedi provides green, safe and energy-efficient auxiliary components to multiple renowned domestic and foreign household appliance manufactures, such as Midea, Supor, Galanz, GREE, Joyoung.